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“Nettle nr.1: women movements and stagnations” that was finally released in April, 2010 consists of articles written by Lithuanian women activists, scientists, cinematographs, musicians, artists, sociologists, lawyers, psychologists.
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Articles of the first number:
- Prof. Aušrinė Marija Pavilionienė „Its time to educate the women or new movement in Lithuania“
- Dr. Margarita Jankauskaitė. Negotiation of patriarchy
- Laima Vaigė. Feminism in Lithuania: in search for freedom and responsibility
- Nida Vasiliauskaite. Please meet intellectual-antifeminist.
- Migle Andrulionyte. Controversies about fashion and feminist uniform.
- Veronika Urbonaite. The experience of female movie spectator. ‚
- Laima Trofimoviene. Young women‘s problems in Lithuania
- Juliana Lozovska. The perspectives of feminist movement in Lithuania
- Eliza Lozovska. Female rock music: Le Tigre!
- Natalija Arlauskaitė. Doing gender in media, art and culture (the review of the book).
- Goda Klumbytė „Ladyfest culture and grrrl movement“
- Jekaterina Navicke. Where are am i moving?: interview with dance and movement therapist.
- Presentation of the book: „Short manual of feminist cinematography“
- Link of the month: International women museum.